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Monday May 6

8:00 – 10:00 | Embassy Ballroom

This is open to all conference attendees.

0900 – 1100HRS | Embassy Upper Atrium

This gathering will provide an opportunity for all of the spouses to get to know each other in an informal atmosphere over breakfast, and to gather information on the many events and activities that are being planned and available to them throughout the week. See Spouse Itinerary for more details. There is no cost associated to this event and everyone is welcome. Sponsored by IALEFI®.

Force Science Basics: Understanding the True Dynamics of High-Stress, Rapidly Unfolding Force Encounters

William J. Lewinski, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Force Science Institute

10:00 – 12:00 | Embassy Ballroom

The intent of this presentation is to introduce firearms instructors to scientific research findings that reveal the realities of human performance in rapidly unfolding force encounters such as officer-involved shootings. Following this program, students/instructors will be better able to understand action/reaction times, officer and offender dynamics, perceptual anomalies that can occur under stress, visual and auditory challenges that can surface in force encounters, post-event memory issues and more.

This presentation is designed to clearly present, in a practical and understandable fashion, the results of the most cutting-edge research into the dynamics of human behavior during life-threatening encounters.

The presentation will explore Force Science, the application of unbiased scientific principles and processes in repetitive physical experiments designed to determine the true nature of suspect provocation and officer response (action-reaction dynamics). The goal of the program is to encourage law enforcement professionals to apply the important concepts revealed in this research when training for, investigating, reconstructing, recalling or otherwise analyzing a use of force. The integration of this information has been proven to enhance the accuracy and thoroughness of decisions made relative to behavior and performance during the incident.

The Force Science Institute uses sophisticated time-and-motion measurements to document—often for the first time—critical hidden truths about the physical and mental dynamics of life-threatening events, particularly officer-involved shootings. Its startling findings profoundly impact officer training and safety, and the public’s naive perceptions. In fact, the Institute’s findings have been directly credited with saving officer lives on the street and with preventing some officers from going to prison after being wrongly accused of criminally using deadly force.

Force Science researchers have destroyed myths and discovered cold facts about some of the most controversial force issues, including:

· How threatening suspects end up shot in the back by well-trained officers making valid, lawful shooting decisions.

· Why officers continue to fire “extra” rounds in high-adrenalin confrontations after the threat has ended.

· How to best analyze video footage of force encounters and things you need to know about limitations of cameras that must be considered during investigations.

· What popular tactics used by some officers trying to reduce lag time actually put the officers at greater risk.

· How perceptual alterations and stress-induced memory gaps can impact an officer’s ability to accurately recall incident details.

· How quickly suspects can launch an attack and why officers and trainers must take Force Science speed studies into account when preparing for a confrontation.

· How investigators can best “mine” officers’ memories and avoid interviewing mistakes that can put the officer, the investigator and the entire department in jeopardy.

· What the most recent Force Science studies have to say about traffic stop assault response and officer movement, threats posed by prone subjects, the impact of exhaustion on officer memory and performance and more.

1400-1500 HOURS | PBSO RANGE 

Take this opportunity to learn our safety protocols
that will be in effect throughout the conference.

1400-1800 HOURS | PBSO RANGE

If you wish to participate in the 2019 IALEFI® ATC Memorial Match, you must be pre-registered to do so. Please indicate your desire to participate when registering and add an additional $20.00 which covers the cost of the match registration fee.

All ammunition for this year’s ATC Memorial Match has been generously donated by Winchester,
a longtime IALEFI® Corporate Sponsor.

Exhibitor Displays

Exhibitors provide hands-on demonstrations on the lastest in weapons, equipment, and technology in the firearms instruction field. Bring a baseball type hat with a brim, wrap around eye protection with side panels, and full hard ear muff protection.

The following companies will be showcasing their products and services, starting at 2:00PM at the PBSO Range: