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Friday May 13

Group Lecture: Human Factors & Firearms Instructors

Sgt. Jamie Borden

0800-1200HRS | Detroit BALLROOM

Inform, Educate, Strengthen

What are we considering in the training environment – This course is focused on understanding officer performance issues where officers may have made decisions in an OIS under the compression of time while facing the consequences of life and death. This course emphasizes the existence of human factors, limitations, and distortions that occur in the cognitive process and the ever-present video evidence, often used inappropriately against an officer based on a lack of understanding across the board; officers involved, investigators, and decision-makers.

Course Objectives:

  • Build awareness of the performance dynamics present in every critical incident
  • Understand what time compression is
  • Uncover the myths and realities related to action v. Reaction / situational awareness / focus of attention
  • Improve awareness of the investigative process when you are the subject of the investigation
  • Improve your ability to provide an articulate and realistic statement based on identifiable human limitation issues
  • Develop an awareness of your own subjective “truth” based on unavoidable cognitive distortions – you are not a liar!
  • Develop video literacy; why your memory doesn’t always perfectly align with the video evidence and other witnesses

Instructor Bio: 
A P.O.S.T. Certified Police veteran since 1997, with 25 years continued professional involvement in law enforcement as an instructor, lecturer and consultant nationally, Sergeant Jamie Borden was tasked with the creation and implementation of the “Use of Force Training and Analysis Unit” for the agency. The unit was created specifically to identify and analyze officer performance issues related to police use of force investigations. In addition to successfully receiving a Certification in Force Analysis from the Force Science Institute, Borden was also the first person to complete the Advanced Force Science Specialist Program created by the Institute.