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Friday May 10

Group Lecture: Applying the Science of Motor Learning to Firearms Training

Robert Bragg and Doug Tangen
CJTC Training Academy
19010 1st Ave S, Washington


Proper and lawful use of a firearm is both a simple and complicated process. As such, proper training of the mechanics of use (running the gun) the associated tactics, and force decisions must be analyzed separately to create the most effective efficient training strategies in accordance with known scientific principles. This class will focus on the specifics of “running-the-gun” and the scientific principles associated with visuo-motor tasks, movement control, practice, feedback, and testing structures. Understanding of these principles will ensure that your skill selection, training and evaluation methods are based in
logical and scientific reasoning to deliver effective, efficient, and defensible training.

At the conclusion of this presentation the participants will be able to analyze their respective training programs for adherence to scientific principles of motor control and motor learning specific to practice structure, feedback processes and testing procedures.