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The ATC Purpose

The purpose of the Annual Training Conference is to provide seminars on subjects of vital interest to law enforcement firearms instructors. Experts are invited to provide an introduction and understanding of their specialty so that attendees can evaluate the need for additional training or equipment. The “ATC” will also provide you with the opportunity to meet fellow firearms instructors from around the world enabling you to exchange information, ideas and training techniques. Furthermore, our Corporate Sponsors will provide you with an opportunity to speak directly with the manufacturers and distributors of firearms related equipment. This equipment represents the latest in firearms technology.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is $495.00. The spouse fee is $45.00 which covers the cost of the banquet meal only. Current IALEFI® members can register online and select courses at IALEFI®’s main website:

Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee of $25.00 will be deducted from your ATC registration fee should the need arise that you are unable to attend the ATC after completing the registration process.

Support Equipment Requirements

IALEFI® will have a limited amount of ammunition available for sale at the ATC. However, you should plan to bring or ship sufficient ammunition for your participation in revolver, auto-pistol, shotgun, long gun, and sub-machine gun training courses. The exact course equipment requirements are listed following each course description! Also, only the use of frangible ammunition will be allowed to participate in any range activity that requires steel targets, unless noted otherwise.

Mandatory Equipment

All range activities require the wearing of a baseball type hat with a brim, wrap around eye protection with side panels, and full hard ear muff protection. Soft insertable ear protection can be used in conjunction with the hard muffs, but not in lieu of them.

Attending International Members

IALEFI® has available through our corporate sponsors various pieces of equipment which can be used by our attending International members while at the conference. You will need to make arrangements through the IALEFI® Business Office in advance to utilize this equipment by calling (603) 524-8787, or, via email at: Ammunition can be obtained at a nominal donation through IALEFI® Emblem Sales at the conference should you not be able to make prior arrangements on your own. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Only U.S. Nationals may attend armorer classes without having an authorization from the United States Secretary of State granting permission.

Shipping Information

If you choose to ship your support equipment to the ATC in advance, you must utilize our shipping labels. Feel free to duplicate as many of the shipping labels you need, but be sure to use them. Your shipment will be signed in when received and placed in a secured area. IALEFI® will pick up all participant shipped items and you will be able to retrieve them on Sunday, May 8th, during the registration process at the hotel.

The Hotel

“The D” will serve as our host hotel for the 2022 ATC. IALEFI® has pre-blocked a large number of rooms at very special negotiated prices:

Single $68.95 (Sun-Thur) / $198.95 (Fri-Sat) +13%tx
Double $78.95 (Sun – Thur) / $208.95 (Fri-Sat) +13%tx
(above listed price includes the “Resort Fee”)

Use this link for direct reservation at the D Hotel … or contact the hotel at 800-274-5824

The hotel will fill up quickly and we recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible to have availability. Please note, however, that reservations received after Thursday April 7, 2022, will be accepted at the group rate based upon availability. Make your reservations early to secure these rates!

2022 IALEFI® Memorial Match

If you wish to participate in the IALEFI® Memorial Match, you must be pre-registered to do so. Please indicate your desire to participate on the registration form and add an additional $20.00 which covers the cost of the match registration fee. Be sure to check your age bracket and the caliber of the weapon you will be using for the match. Steel targets will be used and three classifications of shooters will participate according to age, and there will be a maximum of 100 participants.
You will need to bring your own duty firearm and support gear. Your holster must be a duty rig or concealed rig with jacket. Ammunition for the match will be generously supplied by IALEFI® Corporate Sponsor, Winchester. There are no assigned shooting times. The match will run 1400-1600 hours on Monday, May 9th. Again, whereas the match will run according to age bracket, make sure you indicate your age on the registration.

Spouse Activities

We will be offering a schedule of firearms and non-firearms-related courses as well as leisure-time activities during your visit to Las Vegas. Some of those opportunities will require pre-conference registration as well as a small fee or optional use of your own equipment (i.e. personal carry firearm).