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Wednesday May 9

Urban Hides for the Police Marksman

Course #38.121 - 4 Hours | HPD Range Classroom, SWAT Deck Range

Peter Segreti - Putnam Co. (NY) Sheriff’s Department

The purpose of this course of instruction is to introduce the sniper/observer to the practice of building an urban hide. This class will also cover the construction and use of vehicle hides. Hide construction is a vital skill that allows a sniper/observer team the ability to acquire a superior observational position with the ability to deliver a precision shot if necessary.
Student Requirements: Precision rifle w/scope, match-grade precision rifle ammo 180 rounds, data book, hydration, sunblock, comfortable clothing or duty wear, foul weather gear, snacks, hide kit consisting of landscape fabric, weed block, 15 ft of house screen, 550 cord, black or od duct tape.
Ruger is supplying six Ruger Precision Rifles in .308 for use in this course. If you require a rifle for use in this course, please contact the IALEFI® business office at (603) 524-8787.

Coaching the Pistol Shot

Course #38.122 - 4 Hours | HPD Qual Range

Cameron Lloyd and Michael Kingston - Foresight Tactical

This course is intended to provide firearms instructors with a performance based, coaching methodology that can be adapted for shooters of all ability levels. Using this methodology, and with a better understanding of human movement, instructors will build on their coaching skills by looking at fundamental tasks, critical features, common faults and fault correction techniques for pistol shooting. At the conclusion of the course, instructors will be shown how to develop task based shooting drills and how to enhance student ability with suitable training progression.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 300 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Master Rifle / Skill Builder

Course #38.123 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 5

Chris Cavallaro - Sig Sauer Academy

This course designed for the agency primary firearms instructor, teaching administrator, or senior instructor committed to maximizing the effectiveness of their program and instructors. Blending over 30 years of high-level competitive, law enforcement, and military special programs training into a concise philosophical and practical application for today’s armed professional. This course will be primarily focusing on “Task, Condition, Standards” and how to maximize training time, with minimal space and resources through effective rifle training.
Student Requirements: Patrol rifle w/magazines, handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 250 rounds of rifle ammunition, 50 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Dynamic Use of Targets

Course #38.124 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 3

Neil Honkala and John Meyer - Team One Network

This course will provide dynamic training exercises that will help you improve your live fire training; we will be incorporating a variety of target options that provide a pathway to improve the skills of your students. In law enforcement communities around the world, we know that realistic training is key to giving students the experience necessary to prevail in stressful situations. The course will offer some of our ideas on the use of a variety of targets in creating a building block approach to realistic training during live fire exercises. We will provide and use a wide range of targets to include: paper, 3D and props, steel, moving, reactive, turning and swinging.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 250 rounds of ammunition.

Mastering Handgun Skills –Complex Dynamics

Course #38.125 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 2

Paolo Grandis and Jacopo Guarino - Tadpoles Tactics

Fundamentals will be enforced while more complex skills will be required to approach specifically tailored exercises, designed to push the student where he can gain the maximum advantage from the time spent in training with his/her instructor. All scenarios will be LEO-related. Every exercise have been developed constantly considering human body physiology and mind (conscious and unconscious) patterns. Handgun handling will be reinforced so to focus on tactics approach to threats and covers. Work environment will always be part of the exercise, so to concentrate only on real life needed skills. This is a unique opportunity for students to evaluate the teaching techniques of European law enforcement instructors.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 300 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Concealed Carry – Family Plan

Course #38.126 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 1

Greg Bettis - Holly Springs Police Department

Concealed Carry - The family plan will provide instructors an opportunity to learn what must take place to successfully carry and engage in defensive actions while in the presence of our loved ones. Each participating instructor will share in a discussion for family members regarding why we carry, what is expected of those family members during a crisis response, contact with responding officers, and live-fire training methods of protecting those who may be with us with efficient escort and protective movements. All with the purpose of sharing a winning concealed carry mental mind-set back to the officers under our training care.
Student Requirements: Concealable handgun with magazines/speed loaders, 150-rds of ammunition, concealed carry holster for selected handgun, concealed carry clothing/accessories, official identification as carried off-duty.

Warrior Survival at Home and on the Streets

Course #38.231 | Ballroom Salon "C"

Susan Simons - Under the Shield

Law enforcement can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions in our society. However, the challenges are growing daily. The men and women who are “called” to this vital profession are exposed to all the traumas our society has to offer and then expected to go home, merely shed the “garbage” at the end of the shift and peacefully cohabitate and communicate with their spouses/significant others/families. To be successful and survive as “warriors”, they are forced to develop a persona that allows them to deal with daily insults, without taking them personally which can lead to low morale and complacency. They shut down emotionally and distance themselves from their families to protect them from the things they see daily and the “garbage” they are exposed to.
Student Requirements: None.

Tactical Duty Knife

Course #38.232 - 4 Hours | Ballroom Salon "D"

Fletch Fuller - Collier County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Often misunderstood, the tactical folding knife is an indispensable part of your duty gear. Not simply martial arts or ‘knife fighting,” this class will show you simple and practical skills critical to using the tool effectively for weapon retention and survival in deadly force scenarios. Practical exercises will include working with training folders and blue guns with duty holsters.
Student Requirements: Physical training attire, dummy, non-fireable handgun.

GlOCK Armorer Course

Course #38.233 - 8 Hours | Salon 1 (2nd floor)

Alex Cobb - GLOCK Professional

This course provides instruction on field stripping, disassembly, reassembly, cycle of operation, inspection and troubleshooting procedures for GLOCK pistols. Upon completion of this eight hour course the participant will receive a three year armorer certification from GLOCK Professional.
Student Requirements: Bring safety glasses.

Active Shooter Response – Buddy Team Open Air Tactics

Course #38.234 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range Classroom "A"

Don Alwes and Scott Hyderkhan - NRA Law Enforcement Division

American law enforcement personnel typically operate as individual officers. During active shooter events officers must know how to link up, and move and maneuver as a small unit. This class focuses on the firearms instructor teaching two officer “Buddy” team open area tactics, techniques, and principles. Students will learn to teach bounding, flanking, and working doorways. This course has no live fire or force-on-force.
Student Requirements: Non-firing gun (red or blue), or live weapon that can be rendered safe/inoperable.

M&P Pistol Armorer

Course #38.235 - 8 Hours | Salon 2 (2nd floor)

Smith & Wesson Staff

This course provides instruction on field stripping, disassembly, reassembly, cycle of operation, inspection and troubleshooting procedures for M&P pistols.
Student Requirements: Bring safety glasses.

Springfield XDS Armorer

Course #38.236 - 8 Hours | Salon 3 (2nd floor)

Team One Network - Gary Monreal

This course provides complete and detailed answers to specific questions concerning the XDS pistol mechanical functioning, operational procedure, field stripping and armorer detailed stripping, inspection(s), troubleshooting, and corrective actions/maintenance.
Student Requirements: None.

Wednesday Evening Walk-In Class: Review of Recent Officer-Involved Shooting Cases

Walk-In Class - 4 Hours | 1900 hrs | Ballroom Salon "C"

Emanuel Kapelsohn - IALEFI First Vice President

Discussion and analysis of several recent trials of officer involved shooting cases, including Officer Yanez’ shooting of Philandro Castile, the Brailsford shooting of Daniel Shaver in Mesa, AZ, the shooting of Angel Lopez in San Diego, and Wallace v. City of Alexander. The instructor testified as an expert witness in each of these cases.
Student Requirements: None.

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