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Tuesday May 8

Shortcuts for Success: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Firearms Training More Efficient

Course #38.101 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 1

Todd Fletcher and Chrystal Fletcher - Combative Firearms Training, LLC

Placing quick, threat-stopping hits on target is the core of all gun fighting skills. In order to accomplish this goal, firearms instructors must develop practical, fundamental skills in new officers and improve the skills of veteran officers. For decades, law enforcement firearms instructors have struggled to find better ways to teach these essential skills. This class will provide the law enforcement firearms instructor with concepts, information and teaching strategies that are critical to efficiently building combat handgun marksmanship and competency at all skill levels.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, handgun 200 rounds.

Ballistic Shields for Patrol Officers

Course #38.102 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 2

Noel Aher - Metropolitan Police

This course is designed to identify the skills necessary for use of the shield by patrol officers and demonstrate the tactics required to effectively maximize its protective potential. This class will focus on demonstrating the skills necessary for the patrol officer to effectively deploy the ballistic shield in conjunction with their handgun.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 250 rounds of handgun ammunition, 10 rounds of handgun dummy ammunition.

The Police Shotgun – Love It, Don’t Leave It

Course #38.103 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 3

Michael Johnson - Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

The course will look at current trends in ammunition development for the shotgun weapon system. It will provide ideas for improving shooter operation of the weapon system. It will look at the role the police shotgun plays in close quarter confrontations. The course will be taught on the Rogers Shooting System. At the end of the course the student will receive a diagram for setting up the course of fire using steel reactionary targets.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, shotgun, duty belt, police shotgun, tactical sling, brimmed hat, hearing protection, wrap around eye protection, 150 rounds #8 birdshot or OO buck, 100 handgun rounds. A small number of loaner shotguns will be available if needed.

Basic Patrol Rifle Fundamentals

Course #38.104 - 4 Hours | HCSO Range 5

Eric French and Gregory Pickering - Tualatin (OR) Police Department

This class is designed for an agency that is starting a patrol rifle program, or is looking for ideas to complement their existing program. It will use both discussions, and range activities to provide a good basis for teaching new rifle shooting basic techniques, and creating a good foundation for patrol rifle equipped officers. From zeroing techniques to basic close quarters combat techniques for patrol officers, participants will leave with a host of material to evaluate for the programs in their respective agencies.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, patrol rifle w/magazines, 350 rounds rifle ammunition, 50 rounds pistol ammunition. Knee pads and elbow pads are encouraged, but not required.

Unconventional Shooting Positions and Fighting to Your Feet

Course #38.105 - 4 Hours | HPD Qual Range

Ed Kellogg and John Brooks - National Security Agency Police (Ret.)

Just because we end up on the ground for whatever reason doesn’t mean we are out of the fight. We must overcome adverse circumstances and continue to fight. This course will have the student firing their weapons from various unconventional positions and fighting to their feet to regain a position of advantage.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 250 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Master Pistol / TCS Skill Builder

Course #38.106 - 4 Hours | HPD SWAT Deck Range

Chris Cavallaro - Sig Sauer Academy

This course designed for the agency primary firearms instructor, teaching administrator, or senior instructor committed to maximizing the effectiveness of their program and instructors. Blending over 30 years of high-level competitive, law enforcement, and military special programs training into a concise philosophical and practical application for today’s armed professional. This course will primarily be focusing on “Task, Condition, Standards” and how to maximize training time, with minimal space and resources through effective pistol training.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, duty belt, 250 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Tactical Anatomy: Shooting with X-ray Vision, 2018 Update

Course #38.107 - 4 Hours | HPD Hogans Aly Range

James Williams, MD and David Maglio - Tactical Anatomy Systems LLC

This class will discuss vital aspects of the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers in terms of the ethical, political, physical, and physiological disciplines of study. Class will cover major elements of: internal ballistics; terminal ballistics; gunshot wounding as it applies to incapacitation; vital human anatomy and physiology; 3-dimensional targeting; and a blueprint for training in 3-dimensional target visualization. Class will also include case studies of officer-involved shootings in which these principles have been applied effectively.
Student Requirements: Handgun w/magazines or speedloaders, patrol rifle w/magazines, 200 rounds of pistol ammunition, 60 rounds of rifle ammunition. Ball ammunition preferred but not mandatory.

AR Armorer Course

Course #38.211 - 8 Hours | HCSO Range Classroom A

Ted Simpson - Huntingdon County (PA) Constables Office

This course provides instruction on field stripping, cycle of operation, disassembly and reassembly, inspection, cleaning, and troubleshooting AR type rifles.
Student Requirements: None.

Low Light Operations

Course #38.212 - 4 Hours | Ballroom Salon "D"

John Meyer - Team One Network

This block of instruction is to familiarize the students with the aspects of low light training to include use of flashlights, low light operations and issues relating to how we operate in low light conditions. The instructor will present multiple 10-15 minute blocks of instruction that could be conducted in a roll call session. At the end of this 4-hour block of instruction the students will be provided a manual with blocks of instruction covering: approaches and searches, quick peeks, search and entry, observation drills, patrol car awareness, hand held flashlight techniques, reloading with a hand held flashlight, and use of available light.
Student Requirements: None.

Training Area and Range Management

Course #38.213 - 4 Hours | Campobello-1st Floor

Ken Lewis - National Protective Services Institute

Range Master duties go beyond that of a basic firearms instructor. This presentation is targeted to those who are tasked with running firearms training programs, developing and operating firearms range facilities and assisting in ammunition and firearms selection for their department.
Student Requirements: None.

Glock Armorer Course

Course #38.214 - 8 Hours | Salon 1 (2nd floor)

Alex Cobb - GLOCK Professional

This course provides instruction on field stripping, disassembly, reassembly, cycle of operation, inspection and troubleshooting procedures for GLOCK pistols. Upon completion of this eight hour course the participant will receive a three year armorer certification from GLOCK Professional.
Student Requirements: Bring safety glasses.

Ruger Precision Rifle Armorer

Course #38.215 - 8 Hours | Salon 2 (2nd floor)

Bob Wood and Rob Dearden - Ruger Firearms

This course will cover all armorer level aspects of the Ruger Precision Rifle including complete disassembly, reassembly, cycle of operation / function, inspection, cleaning, and troubleshooting procedures.
Student Requirements: All students must be U.S. citizens. Please bring safety glasses, a writing instrument, and a flashlight.

CZ Scorpion Armorer

Course #38.216 - 8 Hours | Salon 3 (2nd floor)

Gary Monreal - Team One Network

This class is structured to provide participants with “hands-on” practical skills and theory on the cycle of function for the CZ-USA Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine. Firearms and armorer tools will be provided for each student to learn the detail assembly/disassembly of a functioning firearm.
Student Requirements: None.

Tuesday Evening Walk-In Class: National Certification Program

Walk-In Class - 4 Hours | Ballroom Salon "C"

Peggy Schaffer and Chris Borland - International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST)

In June 2015, IADLEST, in partnership with POST organizations around the Nation, launched a new program designed to eliminate many of the problems associated with a lack of standardization within criminal justice training. The IADLEST National Training Certification program establishes minimum standards for vendors providing law enforcement continuing education and ensures the training content meets those quality standards. The standards are designed to meet or exceed any individual State certification requirements ensuring that training achieving National Certification is accepted by all participating POST organizations around the Nation for in-service or advanced training credit. This block of instruction will help firearms instructors develop superior training materials recognized throughout the country, state and certainly in their departments. Using the rubric to develop and assess current materials will only make the lesson plans and activities stronger and more easily defendable.
Student Requirements: Flash drive. Copy of a lesson plan they currently use to conduct the assessment and use practice the evaluation rubric with.

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