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Monday May 7

Opening Ceremonies, Annual Meeting

0800-1000 Hours | Raphael Ballroom

This gathering is open to all attendees.

Spouse Welcoming Orientation

0900-1100 Hours | Campobello (1st floor)

This gathering will provide an opportunity for all of the spouses to get-to-know each other in an informal atmosphere over coffee and refreshments, and to gather information on the many events and activities that are being planned and available to them throughout the week. There is no cost associated to this event and everyone is welcome. Sponsored by IALEFI®.

Guest Speaker Presentation

1000-1200 Hours | Raphael Ballroom

Commander Michael Dailey (Ret.) and Lt. Thomas Wilkes (Ret.) - Aurora (CO) Police Department
"Aurora Colorado Theater Massacre"

Lunch Break/Travel Time to Range

1200-1330 Hours

Grab a bite to eat, and make your way to the HCSO Shooting Complex.

IALEFI® Safety Check

1400-1500 Hours | HCSO Range 3

Take this opportunity to learn our safety protocols that will be in effect throughout the conference.

Corporate Sponsor Displays

1400-1800 Hours | HCSO Range 1-2

Exhibitors provide hands-on demonstrations on the lastest in weapons, equipment, and technology in the firearms instruction field. Be sure to bring a baseball type hat with a brim, wrap around eye protection with side panels, and full hard ear muff protection.

2018 IALEFI® ATC Memorial Match

1400-1800 Hours | HCSO Range 5

If you wish to participate in the IALEFI® Memorial Match, you must be pre-registered to do so. Please indicate your desire to participate on the registration form and add an additional $20.00 which covers the cost of the match registration fee.

Spouse Training Program

1600-2000 Hours | Campobello (1st floor)

Instructors Alexandra K. Nelson and Mike Johnson will guide students through scenario-based training using a sophisticated simulator system. Students will be exposed to real life scenarios enabling them to practice their reactions in a positive and supportive environment. Instructors will also debrief the scenarios to encourage skill retention. Please register for this course prior to conference attendance.

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